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Tap the power of meditation

Do you meditate? If you don’t, you may want to consider its benefits. In this article, the author explains how to get started…starting with how to get your mind ready. Excerpt from The Thinking Man’s Guide to Meditation article:

I am seated comfortably in my sunroom, feet flat on the floor, spine straight but not stiff, gaze lowered. Nobody is home, it’s quiet, and I am ready.

A soft voice—male, British, smooth—fills the room with gentle instruction, a laptop Hal of soothing reassurance. He’s telling me to take in “any and all sensations, moment by moment” that I feel in my feet. I register the nubby texture of the rug, a slight numbness in my left toes. This is easy. I can do this. My eyes rest on a dark smear by the window, where the pane meets the sill. Could be mold. Is moisture getting in? How old are these windows? Twenty years at least. Yeah, Karl was learning to walk… Crap. Meditation is hard.

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